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AlertA (http://www.alerta.eu/) aims to help organizations to optimize business processes in a cost-effective manner. We intend to minimize the direct and indirect costs involved with Contract Management and maximize revenues for small and large companies alike.
Objective: lertA Contract Management is designed to offer organizations insight into their running contracts and current obligations by providing a comprehensive software solution that can be customized to specific purposes.
Mission: Ever since AlertA was established in 2002, the company has realized significant growth figures. The AlertA Contract Management System is used by a variety of public, semi-public and commercial organizations in the fields of financial services, pharmaceuticals, hotel and restaurant sector, IT branch, etc.

Jakobsen Consulting


Jakobsen Consulting is a part of the Bidatask Group focusing on software development and ERP systems. The company is outcome of almost 2 decades of working with ERP systems, in particular Dynamics AX. Jakobsen Consulting is a family owned business with head office in the UK.

Having been in the AX industry for well over15 years Jakobsen Consulting directors have managed to form a team with some of the most highly experienced and efficient developers, architects and consultants in the UK and Denmark.

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The best software to improve your gaming experience. My-Tuner software have been released in 2013 and is available as Professional version which includes Profile manager tool and Dashboard and Standard version which includes My-tuner Dashboard only.

My-Tuner profile manager tool helps you create optimised profiles for your system and programs, it allows to get your computer to focus its self on just the selected processes you choose to run for a specific task.

My-Tuner Dashboard helps organize access to all your favorite games, work and social applications and it seamlessly blends into the desktop background. It is particularly useful tool for Windows 8 and 8.1 Desktop. If you are used to working old-style with your desktop applications it is easy to have them all neatly set up on My-Tuner Dashboard just waiting to be started and all your favorite games can be in there too.

Benefits of My-Tuner:

  • Enhance your PC games
  • Optimize your system
  • Improve fps by avg. 25%
  • Reduce energy usage by avg. 20%
  • Help eliminate buffering

Business guide UK


BusinessGuideUK is a platform for finding the right talent for your needs within your area. We are one of the most trusted sources to find rated businesses.

BusinessGuideUK is a brand owned by Bidatask Ltd., a software company located in the United Kingdom. This brand was built as an extension of the B2B and C2B portal bidatask.com, developed back in 2005.

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